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The Holy Name society was founded by Blessed John Vercelli, Master General of the
Dominican Order in the year 1274. At the Council of Lyons Pope Gregory X decreed
that there should be paid more reverence to the Holy Name of Jesus by the Christian
peoples. To give this decree effective execution, the Pope commissioned John of Vercelli
to see to it that the devotion to the Holy Name be preached throughout Europe.

John most warmly undertook this new assignment, resolving to dedicate the full
preaching talents of his Order of Preachers to the sublime purpose of fostering in the
hearts of Christian people a reverence for the Name which is above all names.

John of Vercelli was beatified by Pope Pius X in 1903. The Holy Name Society was
established in the United States in 1870 to stop blasphemies and profanities of the

On September 21, 1926, upwards of 900,000 Holy Name men under the leadership of
their National Director, Father Michael J. Ripple, O.P., marched down Pennsylvania
Avenue, Washington, D.C., in the teeth of a driving rain, in what Archbishop Curley of
Baltimore described as the 'greatest demonstration of faith and patriotism ever
witnessed. 'As indeed it was, for these men had come from every corner of the nation at
their own expense.

This exhibition of strength by the nation's greatest lay religious society was a
phenomenon of the twentieth century. Fifty years before it would have been
impossible, for fifty years before there was no Holy Name Society in the nation. A great
priest Charles Hyacinth McKenna, O.P., had not yet begun his preaching ministry, and
Father McKenna was the Apostle of the Holy Name Society in the United States. In an
apostolate that extended from 1870 until his death in 1917, he, together with many
others priests, worked mightily to stop the blasphemies and profanities of a rough and
rugged world.

The Visitation Holy Name Society attends the 9:00 AM Mass and receives Holy
Communion every second Sunday of each month. A meeting follows the Mass in the
lower conference of the rectory.  All men are Welcome!


That there is need of a Holy Name Society in our day, none can deny. (Although a few

THE MOST SERIOUS REASON is because of the present-day attack made upon the
divine character of Christ.

THE CHIEF OBJECT of the Holy Name Society is to maintain and increase faith in the
of Christ, our Savior, the only Name under heaven whereby we shall be

THE MEANS to attain the Chief Object is to promote respect and honor for the Person
of Our Lord Jesus.

An organized group striving heart and soul to make Jesus the God-Man better known
and better loved--this is the Holy Name Society. This is its aim.

Another reason for the need of the Holy Name Society in our day is because of the
abuse of the Name of Jesus, because of perjury, blasphemy, profanity, and obscene

Another reason for the need of a Holy Name Society is because of the lack of support to
all-lawful authority, both civil and religious, because of a disregard for the Vicar of
Christ on earth, and because of the denial of a number of the sacred truths which the
Holy Catholic Church believes and teaches.


We would love to have you join us.  The requirements are not difficult.  The Holy
Name Pledge noted below is our lead.  We would like to you to join us on the 2nd
Sunday of the month at the 9AM Mass at our Shrine of the Little Flower parish.
 We do request that as a show of interest in joining, you will come to a meeting for
enrollment and introduction to our Holy Name members.  As far as dues, there
aren't any.  We will ask you at times in the membership letter sent to you to try
and give a donation of your choice to our Society.  But, there are NO DUES and
you decide your donation.  Once a member in our Society, you are always a
member.  All you have to do is say YES to joining.  You are and will always be
remembered in our prayers.  Don't think for one moment that we are an
organization that holds loads of meetings and has membership parties and beer
and pretzel meeting.  This is a Society of men that Honor the Most Holy Name and
live a life in accordance.

If you feel you have the desire to join us, please contact the Shrine of the Little
Flower rectory office and leave your name and phone number and someone will
contact you.  Better yet, come to a 9AM Mass on the Second Sunday of the Month
and make known of your desire to join us to our Pastor, Fr. Mike Orchik.

Jerry Pasqua



Blessed be God.

Blessed be His Holy Name.

Blessed be Jesus Christ,
true God and true man.

Blessed be the
Name of Jesus.

I believe, O Jesus,
that Thou art the Christ,
the Son of the living God.

I proclaim my love
for the Vicar of
Christ on Earth.

I believe all the
sacred truths which
the Holy Catholic Church believes and teaches.

I promise to give
good example by
the regular practice
of my Faith.

In honor of His Divine Name
I pledge myself against
perjury, blasphemy, profanity, and
obscene speech.

I pledge my loyalty
to the flag of my country
and to the God given
principles of freedom
and happiness
for which it stands.

I pledge my support to
all lawful authority -
both civil and religious.

I dedicate my manhood
to the Honor of the Sacred
Name of Jesus Christ,
and beg that He will
keep me faithful
to these pledges
until death.


We are proud of our Shrine of the Little Flower Holy Name Society
and our Moderator Fr. Michael Orchik. If you feel the call to join please contact the
Shrine of the Little Flower rectory at 410-483-1700.

May the Peace of Jesus be with you always!

Holy Name Society Plaque of
Past Presidents and Moderators



The Shrine Of The Little Flower
Holy Name Society


The Holy Name Society in the Shrine of the Little Flower Parish dates back to
October 24, 1926 when Father Wheeler, meeting with a small group of men, organized
our branch. January 2, 1927 the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, the first formal service
was held with the reception of new members

At a business meeting shortly thereafter, Mr. Michael L. Horan was elected to serve as
the first President of the Society. The burden was great, the duties were many, for in
those early days of the formation of the parish the pastor depended greatly on the men of
the Holy Name Society to assist him in the foundation work of a parish which in later
years was to become on of the outstanding parishes in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

After sixteen years of successful and untiring efforts as President of the Holy Name
Society, Mr. Horan voluntarily retired from office in 1942, stating that he thought a
younger man should be installed. Much of the growth and success of our society can be
attributed to the zealous work of Mr. Horan.

December 13, 1942 Mr. Henry B. Haske was elected to serve as the second President of
the Shrine of the Little Flower Holy Name Society. Mr. Haske assumed his duties with
the zeal of his predecessor and under his able leadership the Society grew and continued
to assist the pastor in the many problem of a rapidly expanding Parish. Mr. Haske retired
from office in 1947.

June 9, 1947 Mr. Harry B. Zerner was elected President. The officers of the Holy Name
Society at this time were:

Pastor and Spiritual Director . Reverend George J. Larkin
President .. Harry B. Zerner
Vice President John P. Mannion
Secretary John S. Peters

Although the primary objective of the Society is to show love and reverence for the
Holy Name of Jesus and to gather its members on every second Sunday of the month to
receive Holy Communion in a body: its secondary purpose is through the unity of the
men to add strength and support to the Pastor in realizing the material needs of the parish.




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